Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement


Ballarat is  about a one hour drive from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia and, among other things,  is famous for its heritage gold mining attraction at Sovereign Hill.  According to Wikipedia, Ballarat is Australia’s largest inland city and is well-known for its history and heritage and is a major regional centre in the Goldfields region of Victoria.

Gold was discovered near Ballarat in 1851, and the influx of over 10,000 miners in less than a year transformed it from a pastoral town into Victoria’s largest settlement.  Today the heritage of gold mining is celebrated at Sovereign Hill, a recreated 1850s gold mining settlement where people in period costume play out the normal day-to-day lives of their counterparts from the past, without the everyday discomforts of their forebears.

This little huddle caught my attention during a recent visit.  It’s a scene that you might encounter in school playgrounds all over the world, except this one was in period costume.  It seems that girls will be girls!

Sony Alpha DSLR A200, 1/20 sec, F20, ISO 100, Sony DT 17-70 mm lens at 45mm


One response

  1. carol forrest

    you have captured the moment in time….

    April 14, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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