Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Family Time

At this time of year we think very much about family and the opportunity to spend time together. For many it is to celebrate Christmas, but for others the season offers an opportunity to gather as a family to celebrate in other ways.

We were in China last year on the day that the Chinese celebrate there national day.  On that day we were in Chongqing on the Yangtze River.  Crowds of people gathered in the large courtyard in front of The Great Hall of the People to watch traditional dance and drum routines being performed, while wedding parties assembled on the steps leading to the hall to have their photographs taken.

This family took a little time out to play and get a picture of father and daughter at the base of one of the columns at the entrance to the Great Hall of the people. That’s what family time is all about.

Sony Alpha DSLR A200, , 1/160 sec, F9.0, ISO 400, Sony DT 18-70 mm Lens at 50 mm


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