Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

View of Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island, Auckland, New Zealand

Rangitoto Island is the gatekeeper for Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour.  It looks very much the same from wherever you view it and forms the major feature in the view from where I live.  When European settlers first arrived in Auckland in the early nineteenth century there was very little vegetation on the island, just a scoria volcanic cone which arrived as part of a series of violent eruptions some 600 years ago.  Rangitoto is now covered in native vegetation which acts as a habitat for native and exotic birds.  The island is now a regional park which can be visited for day trips by a short ferry ride from Auckland.

This view is from a large sandy beach below the cliffs at the eastern end of Takapuna Beach on Auckland’s North Shore.

Sony Alpha DSLR – A200, 1/125 sec, F 16, ISO 100, Sigma DC 18-200 lens at 18mm



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