Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Tui at Dawn

One of the most common of bird species on Tiritiri Matangi Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf is the Tui.  It’s distinctive tuft of white feathers at the throat helps to mark it out from other “black” birds on the island.  So does its melodious call.  As the Auckland region became more urbanised and land cleared for housing, the call of the Tui became a less frequent occurence near where people lived.  However, tree planting on Tiritiri Matangi and  establishing urban green belts has brought the Tui back to the suburbs.  Tui tagged on the island have been found in parts of urban Auckland in recent years.

I captured this image on Tiritiri Matangi last weekend during an early morning walk to experience the “dawn chorus”.

Sony Alpha DSLR – A200, 1/400 sec, F6.3, ISO 200, Sigma DC 18-200 lens at 200mm

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