Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Bottlenose Dolphin & Calf

Whenever one goes to sea there is always the hope of seeing a dolphin, or better still, a school of dolphin.  Recently we took a guided trip of White Island, an active volcano in the Bay of Plenty off the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  The day was perfect; slight breeze, gentle swell, blue sky, high thin cloud.  After 20 minutes of cruising on the 70 metre launch “PeeJay V” the first pod of dolphins was sighted.  Soon a dozen or so Bottlenose dolphins were riding the bow wave and darting under the boat to surface on the other side to catch the waves there.

The group included this mother and calf which I captured just as they broke the surface with a shower of spray on the port side of the vessel.

Sony Alpha DSLR – A200, 1/30 sec, F16, ISO 100, Sigma DC 18-200 lens at 60mm

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