Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

A Hint of Light

This time last year I was invited to accompany some friends on a fishing trip in the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand.  Usually our annual fishing trips goes from Auckland to Great Barrier Island but the boat had engine trouble which resulted in a change of plans.  A storm developed as we drove north from Auckland and by the time we arrived at our charter vessel at Opua it was raining quite hard and the wind was increasing.  The charter boat was quickly loaded and we moved quickly to find as safe anchorage for the night.

During the night the wind howled through the rigging and the rain lashed the decks, soaking anything that was left uncovered.  By morning the wind had eased, allowing us to set sail and journey into the historic Bay of Islands for three days of fishing and cruising.

This image was taken at dawn on our last morning.  There had been light rain overnight and the cloud was still hanging low over the hills in the morning. A suggestion of sun and the fine day ahead shows in the distance.

Sony Alpha DSLR A200 1/40 sec, F4.5, ISO 100, Sony DT 18-70 mm lens at 26 mm

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