Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Not Really a Lake

Catlins Lake is not really a lake at all, it’s actually part of the Catlins River estuary and is tidal.  However, when the tide is in it looks like a lake.

Catlins Lake - Catlins, Southland, New Zealand

This image was taken at about 10.00am on our journey from the Pukaraunui Falls to Jacks Bay and the nearby Jacks Blowhole.  The tide was just turning and as we passed the narrowest part of the lake where the current formed by the outgoing tide was clearly evident.  When we passed the lake again later in the day there were only mud flats to be seen.

A clear morning sky and no wind produced great reflections so that there was a near-perfect mirror image of the distant sheep covered hills. A light breeze just ruffles the water in patches. Wading birds are a common sight along the shore at low tide. Shags patrol the waters when the tide is in.


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