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Autumn/Fall Colours Revisited

I have been sifting through pictures I have taken over the last year and reflecting on what I have learned, particularly with composition and processing.  This image was taken last year at Morris & James Pottery in Matakana, Northland.

Autumn Colours - Morris & James Pottery, Matakana, Northland

I knew what I was trying to capture when I took the photograph, but when I first saw the image on the computer screen I was disappointed. There was too much in the photo and the vibrancy of the colours shown in the window frame, pots and tree were flat and uninteresting.  I passed over the picture and went on to another.

Today I have revisited a number of images I took that day and had another close look at them.  This image was cropped from a larger picture that was cluttered with extraneous intrusions from three sides which made it a “nothing” shot.  Upon revisiting the photograph with the benefit of time having elapsed I was able to see what it was that I had originally wanted to capture.  Here is the result.