Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Gold Coast Holiday

My wife and I have just had an unexpected holiday to Australia’s Gold Coast in the state of Queensland. We hadn’t planned to travel internationally this year but it seems that plans are there to be “adjusted”.  As the result of a surprise invitation to join friends at their apartment in Surfers Paradise we found ourselves on a flight for an early winter holiday in “Tropical Queensland”.

Surfers Paradise Beach, Queensland, Australia

One of the first things one does when arriving at Surfers Paradise is to visit the famous golden beach.  It was late afternoon when we stepped onto the sand for a short walk along the shoreline.  Being a Saturday afternoon there was still a lot of activity.  The surf patrol flags were still out, young people tossed a frisbee, and others just strolled and looked at the view.

A characteristic of the beach here is that the tall apartment and hotel buildings cast long shadows in the afternoon which takes the warmth out of the air, especially at this time of year. Also, because Queensland has never implemented daylight saving, it is dark by 5.30 pm. What you do get though, is short and colourful twilights.

Over the next ten days our friends ensured that we would come to know the area around the Gold Coast, and its shopping precincts, very well.


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