Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement


Queensland’s Gold Coast is an international tourist destination.  People come from all over the world to get a taste of the long golden beaches and sunshine, as well as the surf after which Surfers Paradise is named.

Sarees - Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

In the late afternoon of our first day at “Surfers” we encountered these ladies in sarees matching the surf patrol flag at the water’s edge near a patrolled swimming area. Their friend was swimming in the surf nearby. Notice the shade from the nearby buildings.  At this time of the year visitor numbers are fewer than in the heart of summer.  World economic problems have also had an effect.  Locals told us that vacancy rates in holiday accommodation is higher than usual.  Even fellow Australians and near neighbours from New Zealand have come in lower numbers than in previous years.  These two groups make up the greater part of holiday visitor numbers to the Gold Coast.


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