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Surfers Paradise

The beach at “Surfers” is long and golden.  It stretches from Burleigh Head in the south to The Spit in the north. At intervals along the coast there are congregations of tall apartment and hotel buildings like this one at Surfers Paradise.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The beach faces east and catches the sunrise and morning sunshine.  From mid-afternoon the tall buildings begin to shade the beach as the sun travels westward. When big storms come the sand shifts up and down the beach. From time to time the Gold Coast City pipe sand from the north or south to replenish the beaches at the main resorts so the tourists can be kept happy.

This image was taken from The Spit on the southern side of the channel between the mainland and Stradbroke Island.  Nearby, but out of picture, is a jetty with sand dredging pipes through which the sand slurry is pumped to the beaches at the resorts.


Bird Man

Whenever we travel, my wife and I like to visit the local markets.  There is always a different variety of fresh fruit and vegetables which are different from those we normally see at home, as well as a different range of people amongst the visitors.

So it was at Nerang on the Gold Coast of Queensland.  As we wandered around the Sunday morning Farmers’ Market we came upon this fellow.

Bird Man, Nerang Farmers Market, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Here was a person who in all ways was a real character – hat, birds, accent, and all.  Obviously a regular at the market, he chatted to the stall holders on his rounds.  The white bird appeared to be moulting and looked somewhat scrawny, but this just added to the flavour of the overall package.