Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement


Tucked in behind all the tourist infrastructure and bustle of the Gold Coast are a series of mountain ranges known locally as the Hinterland. Near to Surfers Paradise is Tamborine Mountain with its small hamlets and cutesy shopping centre.  From Mt Tamborine there is view back to the Gold Coast and, inland across a rural plateau, towards a series of mountain ranges that include (amongst others) the Springbrook, Lamington, Mt Barney and Main Range National Parks.

Hinterland, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The best time of day to view this area is at sunset  when the sky is coloured by the sun and the layers of mountains can be seen in the distance.  Mt Warning, named by Captain Cook in 1770, is the highest mountain in the area and is at the southern end of the chain.  Its present height is only half of what it once was.  Natural erosion over the millenia has reduced the volcanic caldera to a low horseshoe with the pyramidal Mt Warning being the prominent feature. Mt Warning, 1,900 m (6,200 ft), is the peak at the left skyline in the image.


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