Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Thoughts of Louisiana

Ever since we returned from our Gold Coast Holiday the news of the oil spill off the coast of the southern states of the USA has filled the news.  Today is 51 days since the oil rig exploded that started this environmental tragedy.  Images of shrimp boats confined to port came to mind when I looked at this image taken at a marina on The Broadwater near Queensland’s Seaworld.

Fishing Boat, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

This boat is like many along those southern states.  The owners depend upon being able to get out of port to earn their living from harvesting the sea.  A boat in port is not earning any money.

There is talk of prospecting for oil and gas off the coast of New South Wales.  Imagine the impact on the tourist resorts along the eastern coast of Australia if an accident like that in the USA occurred here!


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