Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Audrey’s Special Syrup

Spotted this in a Sunday morning market at Burleigh Head on Queensland’s Gold Coast.  This was from a time when advertising standards were somewhat different from they are today!  It reminds me of claims on food and medicine products from China not so many years ago that could “increase your child’s intelligence…”, amongst other things.  I wonder how the “oil tycoon Humphrey Gibbons” felt about the claims on the poster/label?

Audrey's Special Syrup

There were other similar facsimile signs and posters on display, including one for “Marriage – The end of a perfectly good sex life”,  and “Shut the xxxx up – The original WHAT-EVER spouse poison”!!  I wonder how many of these are original, or just someone’s fantasy?  Definitely very Australian though.


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