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Catching a Sunbeam

For those who live in modern cities, the Nadi Bus Station in Fiji is quite an experience. The local bus services that transport people to their homes in the small towns and villages on the main island of Viti Levu use buses that in most other places would have been retired in the 1960s and 70s. Mostly, these buses have open sides instead of windows to allow the tropical breezes to cool the passengers as the wend their way along Fiji’s bumpy roads. Catching these buses is fun. It gives an opportunity to experience something of the everyday Fijian life.

Catching a Sunbeam, Nadi Bus Station, Fiji

Tucked in behind the shops and market of Nadi is the bus station.  Between the bus platforms are unsealed busways.  Old style buses in varying states of repair line up along the platforms waiting for passengers.  Here, at the Sunbeam platform, passengers buy tickets and queue to board the bus. The journey from Nadi to Suva on the other side of the island takes three hours and twenty-five minutes – a long time to be seated on sparsely upholstered seats driving over bumpy roads.  I guess that just part of island life. Bula.