Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Getting out of your own way

I always take my camera when I’m on holiday.  I don’t always have it with me when I’m driving or walking around the city.  I always mean to take time out to wander around looking for interesting images but, you know, things seem to get in the way.  When last year’s Scott Kelby photowalk came into my view I took the opportunity to sign up to force myself out of my complacency and have a more intimate look at my city.

Furniture for Flats

Over the years I have driven past this shop many times.  Its not the type of place I normally visit.  It is in the heart of an older part of the city where many students flat and the general culture in the area is a bit Bohemian.  We passed right by the shop while on the walk so I had no excuse not to take this image.

No Nuclear Fire for Amber

On the adjacent corner opposite the shop this billboard appears on the side of one of the City’s reservoirs. It sums up some of the prevailing sentiments in the Ponsonby area, and those of many other New Zealanders as well.  Would I have taken these images had it not been for the photowalk? Probably not, especially when driving as parking in this area is difficult.  I’m glad I did the walk to allow me to get a more leisurely look at an interesting part of Auckland.


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