Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Stormy Morning

After weeks of warm, and latterly, humid weather the usual pre-Christmas storms arrived yesterday.  It had been so dry for the past two months that the whole of the North Island north of Auckland was declared a drought area.  During the past 36 hours we have had periods of heavy rain and the atmosphere has become even more sticky with humidity.

Yesterday morning I set out to try to capture the mood of this change in weather.  Just as I walked onto the beach the rain started again so I managed to capture just a few images. Storm water run-off had scoured the sand at the ends of the streets that slope down to the beach. The wind was blowing in from the north carrying ever bigger rain drops as the minutes ticked by.  Those few walkers who had ventured out were hunched over as they quickly moved past.

This morning the mood is much the same, except that the wind has dropped and the tide is further out.

Stormy Morning - Takapuna Beach - Auckland, New Zealand


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