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Convergence - West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

On the Coast Road (SH6) between Greymouth and Barrytown the road runs for a short stretch beside a long, deserted West Coast beach.  To reach the pebble beach from the road you must scramble down a short embankment, carefully picking your way between wild blackberry bushes.  Waves rush up the beach and then recede, leaving behind newly wetted pebbles that glisten in the sunlight.  Overhead on the day of our visit there were jet trails that converged towards the horizon.  Outflowing water from the previous wave left a trail of rivulets that seemed to converge on the same distant point.


Truman Beach

Dusk and sunset are great times for photographers.  Having a beach virtually to one’s self at this time of day is magic.  This image was taken on the evening before bad weather closed in.

Truman Beach north of Punakaiki, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

The West Coast of the South Island is rugged and, for the most part, remote.  Truman Beach is only three kilometers from the very popular Punakaiki Rocks tourist spot. Whereas the lookout at the Punakaiki Rocks is busy at most times of the day, this tiny beach only a short drive north receives only a fraction of the number of visitors the “Pancake Rocks” at Punakaiki. The limestone formations and caves in the cliffs make the visit worthwhile.  At one place a small waterfall drops to the pebble beach from a stream at the top of the cliff.

Limestone Cliffs and Waterfall - Truman Beach

West Coast Sunset

Truman Beach is reached via the Truman Track  which is 3 km north of Punakaiki on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island.  It is a lovely isolated beach  with limestone formations and caves.  As the sun sets in the evening flocks of birds make their way to overnight nesting places.  What a way to end a day!

Sunset - Truman Beach, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand