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Auripo Road

In 1979 the New Zealand artist Grahame Sydney produced a painting of some letter boxes on a country corner in Central Otago entitled ‘Auripo Road”.  We came upon this corner by accident  32 years later in February while ferrying family members who were riding the Otago Central Rail Trail.  After delivering them to the site of the old Auripo Station our journey out to the main road between Omakau and Oturehua brought us to the very same junction.  A lot had changed in those 32 years.  The main road is now sealed.  The large wooden power pole at the corner has long since disappeared, as have some of the boxes. A modern concrete post and wire fence now delineates the farm boundary and a few trees have appeared on the distant horizon.  However, the essence of the original painted scene still remains.

This image was taken with a vague memory of the 1979 painting in the back of my mind.  A representation of the original Grahame Sydney painting can be found here.

Auripo Road - Central Otago, New Zealand