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Easter Sunrise – A Sign of New Hope

Every year for the past 30 years there has been a dawn or sunrise Easter service on Takapuna Beach to mark the hope for the world that the Easter story brings.  Each year the people who gather hope to experience a beautiful sunrise, but that doesn’t always happen.  This morning however, didn’t disappoint.  It is said that a red sky in the morning is a shepherd’s warning.  For those who live by the sea it usually heralds an approaching storm, or at least a period of rain – but not always.

This morning the sun rose over Rangitoto Island spot on time at 6.53 am and painted the clouds in various shades of red, purple and orange before fading into pale yellows and grays as it rose higher in the sky. The reflection on the Easter story given at the service was about new hope, peace and justice, perseverance against all odds, and seeing things differently.  The evolving sunrise showed a sign for all to see.

Easter Sunrise 2011 Takapuna Beach - Auckland, New Zealand

Rays of Hope - Easter Sunrise 2011 Takapuna Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

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