Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Light Balls

Along the waterfront precinct near the National Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa – is a line of grey metal spheres.  They follow the course of the boardwalk from the Wharfside Cafe to the footbridge across the entrance to the lagoon by The Boatshed and the Star Boating Club, then continue around the lagoon on the other side of the bridge.  There are 33 of these spherical “balls” – called light balls – which were created to represent the bollards that used to line the edge of the wharf area, and also to provide lighting features at night. These images were taken in February during a short visit to Wellington.

Grey light balls Wellington waterfront New Zealand

"Light Balls" - Wellington Waterfront near Te Papa, New Zealand's National Museum

Zig Zag of Light Balls on Wellington Waterfront, New Zealand

"Zig Zag" - Light balls on Wellington Waterfront, New Zealand


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