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Hikitia – Wellington’s Heritage Floating Crane

Built by Fleming and Ferguson of Paisley, Scotland, in 1926 Hikitia then sailed to New Zealand to commence work as Wellington Harbour Board’s floating crane.  At the end of its working life for the Wellington Port company, Hikitia was sold to a group of volunteers in 1990 with the aim of preservation as a heritage vessel.  A full description of its life can be found here. Hikitia is usually moored near the National Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa – on Wellington’s waterfront. These images give just a glimpse of this grand old lady.

Hikitia - Wellington's heritage floating crane

Hikitia - Bow and Anchor

Crane - Hikitia - Wellington's Heritage Floating Crane

Crane - Hikitia

Hikitia - Wellington's Heritage Floating Crane

Lifting Gear - Hikitia


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