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Legal Tender

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Museum, Wellington, New Zealand

Legal Tender - Commerce or Art?

A dictionary definition says the act of tendering is to offer something for acceptance. I guess that is what I intended when I started this blog. It was to be about my exploration while on a photographic journey, about finding out what picture taking and image making meant for me, and offering my thoughts for others to reflect upon. So far I’ve found that this hasn’t happened as I intended.  For the most part the images and comment have been quite literal and on refection, disappointing to me. However, the more I explore and read, the more I want to stretch the boundaries of how I see things and interpret them through the lens and to get back to the original vision for this blog.

Over the years I have participated in several psychographic profiling exercises that have generally concluded that I am quite literal and analytical in how I interpret the world. I guess that is how I came to spend most of my working life in accounting and audit roles. But those who know me know that I can be quite contrary as well; inclined to play the devil’s advocate when confronted with an argument that I consider to be narrow-minded or unthinking. So far though, that trait hasn’t found its way into my photography, and I wonder why?

Now that I am mostly retired I have more time to think about this kind of thing. So what I will be trying to do with future posts is to offer up my thoughts and images, not so much for acceptance (although that would be nice), but for comment and review.  Your help with this will be gratefully accepted.

One of the challenges I have set myself for the rest of this year is to take a series of portraits of my friends.  When I put the idea to them they seemed to be as excited about the idea as I am.  What is pleasing is that they are apparently happy to help me with my journey.  Hopefully I can offer them something of value in return. And it will all be legal! With their permission I will show some of the images here.