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Waiting with the HOG

Waiting – who hasn’t?  We’re always waiting for something. The length of a wait is a function of importance, impatience, indifference, intolerance, or any other personal trait you can name.  Waiting time can seem incredibly short or intolerably long.  It all depends on one’s perspective.

Watching people waiting can be interesting.  Some people are relaxed and take in the scenery around them.  Others fidget and look at their watches every few minutes,  anxiously looking around for the person or thing they’re waiting for.  There are also people who slip into a state of limbo and appear to be totally detached from the world around them.

Waiting with a HOG - Harley Davidson Motorcycle and girl

Waiting with the HOG - Viaduct Basin, Auckland, New Zealand

The object that caught my attention in this image was the motor cycle – a modified Harley Davidson I think.  Then the surroundings came into focus, especially the sight of the lone girl waiting in the shade while diners eat at the nearby restaurant.  If you look carefully you will see the motor cycling clothing piled up against the wall by the restaurant sign.

As photographers it seems that we’re always waiting.  Waiting for inspiration, for improvement, for the light, for the sun to rise or set, for the right expression … for the magic moment!