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Time to Talk

Life is such a rush these days.  Everyone is in a hurry.  Even during relaxation time eyes are glued to computer screens, smart phones or other digital devices.  No-one seems to have time to stop and chat face-to-face anymore.  “Chat” now takes the form of text messaging or Facebook and Twitter posts.

Time to Talk

In his own world - Time for a chat. Viaduct Basin, Auckland, New Zealand

Take a walk in a street or park and count the number of people who are engaged in some type of activity with a mobile digital device – by themselves!  Even if there is a couple or a group, at least one person is often digitally engaged.

The world of “instant” is also part of photography.  Camera phones and “Point & Shoot” digital cameras mean that images can be seen straight away. No waiting, no anticipation, but results now!  Photographs no longer take a week to get developed after the film is finished, and letters don’t take six weeks to travel halfway round the world by sea anymore (thank goodness).  Now it all happens instantly. No wonder older citizens have trouble keeping up.  Young people want to grow older more quickly, and older people want the world to go more slowly.  You work it out; somehow it doesn’t make sense. Maybe its time to have a chat – face-to-face, of course!