Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement


Even though it’s called the Sunshine Coast, it still rains there and can get quite cold in winter.  When it’s raining in the hinterland behind the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia it is even colder, as we discovered when detouring there after our few days at Noosa. The road into the Blackall Range is quite steep. At 400 metres Montville has its head in the clouds when it rains, and with the wind blowing from a southerly direction it’s cold in late June.

Montville Queensland Australia - Umbrellas in the Rain

Umbrellas in the Rain - Montville, Queensland, Australia

Even though it was cold and wet there was a surprising number of visitors on the Monday we ventured into the hills.  It was the beginning of Queensland school holidays and the rain didn’t deter large groups of people from visiting this picturesque mountain village.


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