Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Entertainment at Wynyard

Ever since the new Wynyard Quarter was opened to the public of Auckland in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup it has become a visitor magnet, especially during the weekend. It seems that there is always some new activity taking place.

Last Sunday I visited the Wynyard Quarter for the first time since the RWC with my wife and family. The children’s playground was packed, there was a water science exhibition nearby, and performance artists were scattered around the area miming and acting out water-related skits.

Silo Girl, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, New Zealand

Silo Girl

In the base of an old cement silo there was an old upright piano. I watched as this chap sauntered up and slouched in the chair, hoodie pulled up over his baseball cap and cigarette dangling from his lips.  He hunched over the keyboard and fingered what seemed to be a random series of notes, much as a small child would when first introduced to a piano. Within minutes his playing developed into a well practiced virtuoso performance, but his demeanor remained unchanged. I leaned later that the piano is a permanent feature around the North Wharf/Jellico Plaza area and available for anyone to play.

Piano Player, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

"Hey Mr Pianoman, Wont you Play a Song for Me?"


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