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Capturing the Moment

There is little more that I can add about this image.  It was captured from a lookout at Curumbin Beach on Queensland’s Gold Coast.  It was a rather opportunistic shot, but it captured the moment.

Capturing the Moment, Curumbin Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Capturing the Moment


Southport Spit

At the entrance to the Broadwater at the Soutport Spit in Queensland there is a pair of breakwaters that create the Gold Coast Seaway to the Pacific Ocean. The southernmost breakwater is  popular for both walkers and recreational fishers.  Nearby, some 500 metres to the south is the Gold Coast Sand Pumping Jetty which is part of the Seaway and is used to pump away any accumulations of sand that could hamper the use of the boating channel.  This also is a popular walking and fishing destination.

These black and white images form part of my ongoing experimentation with black and white processing.

Fishing, Breakwater, Gold Coast Seaway, Southport Spit, Queensland, Australia, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Fishing from the Breakwater at entrance to Gold Coast Seaway

Gold Coast Sand Pumping Jetty, Southport Spit, Queensland, Australia, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Gold Coast Sand Pumping Jetty at Southport Spit

Lady Jocelyn, Gold Coast Seaway, Southport Spit, Queensland, Australia, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

“Lady Jocelyn” leaving the Broadwater through the Gold Coast Seaway at Southport Spit

Historic New Zealand Winery

Historic Winery at Te Kauwhata, New Zealand

Te Kauwhata is a small North Waikato village which lies in a valley 2 kilmetres east of State Highway 1 about halfway between Auckland and Hamilton.  The village has a very early relationship with wine production in New Zealand.

About half a kilometer to the west of the village, nestled into the side of a hill and facing to the east, is a significant historic New Zealand winery which is now owned by TK Vintners Limited.

An extract from the website of Rongopai Wines states:

“The building on this site was first constructed by the New Zealand government in 1902, as New Zealand’s first viticultural research station. The aim of the research facility, which was headed by pioneer Romeo Bragato, was to understand New Zealand’s soil and to implement a programme to establish varieties that would thrive in the diverse climatic conditions. This same site where Romeo’s groundbreaking work took place was used as Rongopai’s winery from 1932 to 2007. The building has been restored with extensive renovations and modern upgrades, however much of the building’s original features are maintained, and as the building is rated ’Class A Historical’ it will remain standing for many years.”

This image was taken yesterday morning during a detour from a day trip to Hamilton. Over the years I have often heard the winery referred to and was always surprised to learn of the NZ Government’s early involvement (late 19th century) in the wine industry. It appears though that this interest waned during the Temperance period of the early 20th century. The tall square building in the centre-left of the image houses an old  alcohol still and its associated coal-fired boiler, neither of which are still in use.

Maddie and her Bear


Maddie and her Bear, Broadwater, Southport, Queensland, Australia, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Broadwater Parklands runs for 3.5 km along an area known as The Broadwater at Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast. It runs alongside the Nerang River. There are walking and cycling tracks, playgrounds, swimming areas, and large areas of picnic and entertainment space.

Near the southern end, sitting on “The Hill” overlooking the river is Maddie and her bear.

Maddie is a 2.5 metre fibreglass sculpture of a seven year old child, an original piece of artwork by John Cox (a local Academy Award winning designer and artist) and his wife Julie, which was created as a tribute to the Parklands strong family-oriented appeal.

Maddie can be seen from many vantage points as she sits quietly contemplating the scene around her.  I came across her on one of my early morning walks and just had to photograph her.

Surf’n Wagon

Surf'n Wagon, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Cool Surf’n Machine

On a recent holiday, while taking my morning walk along the Gold Coast Walkway between Surfers Paradise and Main Beach, I happened on this cool wagon.  It had been setup as a prop in a commercial photography shoot near a surf patrol tower and it sparkled in the early morning sunlight.  This type of vehicle takes me back to my youth.  I am unsure of the make as I didn’t want to intrude into the photographer’s territory, but it may be a FJ Holden with a Californian style wooden trim.  Whatever the make, it was immaculate.

After the Storm

The northern part of New Zealand has just been battered by a north-easterly storm that brought heavy rain, high winds and cold temperatures. Some Auckland suburbs and parts of the CBD were flooded and several roofs were blown off. The end came very quickly. As soon as the sun appeared, so did the surfers.  The choppiness of the sea subsides in short time and for the next few hours perfect surfing waves form.  Its school holiday time so the news spread quickly to get to Takapuna Beach to ride the waves.

Surf, Takapuna Beach, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012


Surf, Takapuna Beach, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, B&W, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Surf, Takapuna Beach, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, B&W, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012