Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Maddie and her Bear


Maddie and her Bear, Broadwater, Southport, Queensland, Australia, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Broadwater Parklands runs for 3.5 km along an area known as The Broadwater at Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast. It runs alongside the Nerang River. There are walking and cycling tracks, playgrounds, swimming areas, and large areas of picnic and entertainment space.

Near the southern end, sitting on “The Hill” overlooking the river is Maddie and her bear.

Maddie is a 2.5 metre fibreglass sculpture of a seven year old child, an original piece of artwork by John Cox (a local Academy Award winning designer and artist) and his wife Julie, which was created as a tribute to the Parklands strong family-oriented appeal.

Maddie can be seen from many vantage points as she sits quietly contemplating the scene around her.  I came across her on one of my early morning walks and just had to photograph her.

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