Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Country Road – Tarris

Country Road, Tarris, Central Otago, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Country Road – Tarris, Central Otago, New Zealand

One of the small villages we had always wanted to visit when in Central Otago on our annual skiing holiday was Tarris.  This little settlement has become quite well known in recent times as a food and art and crafts centre.  We visited Tarris late in the afternoon just as the shops were closing for the day so had little time to browse.  About 1 km north of the village we detoured onto a smaller country road and were presented with this lovely view of the Hawkdun Range, known locally as “the Hawkduns”. The foreground is tinged yellow by the late afternoon sun.  Sheep are an important part of the Central Otago economy.


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