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Here Comes the Rain Again …

Stormy Morning, Takapuna Beach, Auckland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2013

Here comes the rain again

Falling on my head like a memory

Falling on my head like a new emotion

I want to walk in the open wind …

This 1984 Eurythmics song by written by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart came to mind this morning as the rain finally arrived.  It’s now 9.10 pm and a storm is raging outside bringing much needed rain after 4 months of dry weather.  The experts tell us that this one weather event will not be enough to relieve the drought – we apparently need at least 100 mm of rain before they will even think about telling us that the drought is over.

I love stormy weather, as long as it doesn’t go on for days on end.  On the coast you experience the full force of whatever is thrown at you.  We have had some pretty fierce storms over the years, but never anything that has caused us any notable property damage.  At high tide in a storm the waves come  right up to our boundary and occasionally wash slightly up the bank and under the trees at the bottom of our sloping property, but never any further.  We don’t get the full force of the ocean swells because our part of the coast is protected by out-lying islands.  However, it can get pretty wild at times.

Because of the long spell of hot, dry weather we’ve had since December we can put up with the stormy tantrums for a few days to allow the ground to soak up the moisture and the vegetation to replenish itself.

This image was taken at 11.00 am this morning.