Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement


There has been a bit of a lull lately.  After 32 years living in our present house we are now packing our lives into boxes as part of the moving on process.  Consequently, there hasn’t been a lot of time for making new posts.  So here is something to keep the flow going.

Several years ago we took a short break with some friends in the far north of the North Island of New Zealand.  The Northland region is all that area north of and including the City of Whangarei.  Apart from Whangarei and  a couple of other small regional centres, Northland is sparsely populated.  Industries in the region are mainly farming, forestry , fishing and tourism. It also has some wonderful beaches that attract campers in the summer holidays, but are left in solitude for the rest of the year.

Rarawa Beach is one.

Rarawa Beach, Northland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2013

Rarawa Beach is a 55 km drive north of the second largest Northland town, Kaitaia. The white sandy beach is about 2 km in length between rocky headlands at either end. A small stream cuts a meandering path across the beach to the surf . It’s not hard to find that you have the beach all to yourself.

Rarawa Beach, Northland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2013

And that’s how we found it on the day of our visit. Just an idyllic place to be.  Click on images for a larger view.


2 responses

  1. Wondered what happened to you Chris! Hope the move went/is going well!

    June 14, 2013 at 5:28 am

    • Still have another three weeks before moving out. Making good progress. Having to sort through a lifetime of belongings! Looking forward to start of three months of travelling from the end of July. Chris

      June 14, 2013 at 9:18 am

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