Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

“King Bill’s” Hall

Just south of Rarawa Beach is the small settlement of Houhora.  When I first visited Houhora in my youth I was able to visit  the Wagener Museum, which housed an eclectic collection of artifacts relating to the early settlement of the district  in an old stables building.   Sadly the museum burned down In the 1980s and some of the collection was lost. The remainder of the museum closed in 2003, but a down-sized version has since reopened.  The old museum was a great place to visit and was known to many Kiwis of my age (that’s telling you a bit!).

Not far from the old museum, and next to the Houhora Pub, are several old buildings that have fallen into disrepair but have a strong local historical interest.

King Bill's Hall, Houhora, Northland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2013

One of them is the old hall which was owned by “King Bill”. “King Bill” Evans was a trader, publican, land owner and general entrepreneur in the 1890s.  The local hall was a centre of activity in those days and was variously used for meetings, dances, weddings and church services. Today it is slowly rusting away in the field near the pub.

Air Conditioned, King Bill's Hall, Houhora, Northland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2013

“Air conditioned, with views of the sky”

These images were taken in the late afternoon as the sun was sinking towards the horizon in the west.  Click on images for a larger view.


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