Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Do-up Job

Cutter, Dargaville Museum, Northland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2013

Behind the pioneer museum in the Northland town of Dargaville is a yard that contains a number of projects awaiting attention.

The Dargaville Museum has exhibits that tell of how the district has developed through the years, from a 16 metre long pre-European Maori canoe through to the newly built replica gumdiggers camp, from shipwreck relics recovered from the coast to the masts of the ill-fated Greenpeace protest ship Rainbow Warrior. It makes for an interesting visit to get a flavor of the Northland district before venturing further north.

The “exhibit” that caught my attention though was the old working boat “Cutter”, clearly in need of a bit of TLC (tender loving care).  She looked quite forlorn sitting in the back lot among miscellaneous other discarded items.  For all that, she still had a worn dignity that comes from years of honest hard work.


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