Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement

Zenit 3M 35mm SLR

Lost and Found – Today’s surprise find

These photographs were taken with a Zenit 3M 35mm SLR circa 1968 when I was a student. They were probably taken on Ilford monochrome film, processed in the kitchen, and enlarged with a home-made enlarger. The prints, on a soft velvet paper, were mounted on a card. Over the years they were filed away in some forgotten place and discovered again today, some 42 years later. The mottling in the sky of the rigging shot is probably a result of glue reacting with the developing chemicals.

The Chilean sail training ship “Esmeralda” was a regular visitor to Auckland at that time and allowed visitors aboard when in port. These images were taken during such a visit.

The photographs were scanned into Lightroom and where they have been retouched.

I still own the original Russian made camera.

Rigging - Chilean Naval Training Vessel "Esmerelda"

Stern Light - Chilean Naval Training Vessel "Esmerelda"