Making sense of my photography hobby in retirement


Brass Cleaners

Brass Cleaners, Gyeongju, South Korea, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

A visit to any place of worship, no matter what religion, usually presents a group of willing people preparing or maintaining property or articles of worship as part of their commitment to the faith.  Such was the case when we visited a Buddhist temple in Gyeongju Province, South Korea.  This happy group of ladies was polishing the temple brass in the shade on the lawn beside the temple.  There was animated chatter and laughter as they went about their task of bringing the brassware back to a high luster.


Incy Wincy Spider

Spider, rice field, Gyeong ju, South Korea, Incy Wincy Spider, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Spider in rice field, Gyeong ju Province, South Korea

While on an early morning walk in rural Gyeong ju Province, South Korea in 2008 I spotted this colourful spider near the pathway beside a field of rice. I didn’t get closer than my telephoto lens would allow!

Buddhist Monk at Gulguksa Temple, Korea

Of the many images captured during our visit to Korea in 2008, this one keeps coming back to me.  We were in Korea to visit the parents of our daughter-in-law and during our stay we experienced tremendous hospitality and generosity.  Koreans are very proud of their country and our hosts ensured that we saw and experienced as much of the Korean way of life as possible during our three week stay. This included a trip to the historical Gyeongju Province and the many palaces, museums and temples for which the area is famous.

Gulguksa Temple is a World Heritage site and is “No. 1 tourist site in Korea”. While viewing one of the smaller temples on the grounds this Buddhist monk came into view. The bright summer day seemed to make the colours of the temple more vibrant and the monk glow in the sunlight.  In a flash he was gone, but in that flicker of time the image of him walking through the view seemed to capture what this place was all about.

Sony Alpha DSLR – A200, 1/250 sec, F 10, ISO 400, Sony DT 18-70mm lens at 60 mm