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Shower of Spray

Its great watching kids play on a beach.  There is so much opportunity to explore, dig, splash, build, or just run around.

Shower of Spray - Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I watched my grandson for ten minutes while he investigated the waves rushing up onto the beach, and then receding again.  Sometimes he would just stand and let the waves wash around his legs. Next the game became waiting until the last minute then running ahead of a wave to beat it to the dry sand, or trying to jump over them as they came towards him. Sometimes he cupped his hands to capture some water, then let it escape through his fingers.  This image caught him as he experimented with creating an arc with a shower of water scooped up from in front as a receding wave passed from behind.  He was fully absorbed with the waves for the whole time.


Curio Bay

Curio Bay attracts visitors for both its ruggedness and the 160 million year old fossilized logs that lie on its reef.  It was a cold moody autumn day when this image was taken.  A southerly wind was blowing in from the South Pole and one needed a good layering of warm and windproof clothing to venture onto the shoreline.

Curio Bay, Catlins, Southland, New Zealand

The fossilized logs are thought to be a Jurassic-age type of conifer that were swept from the surrounding hills by volcanic ash and mud flows.  Over the years silica replaced the wood cells to produce very hard replicas that can withstand the harsh environment where they now lie. Amongst nearby rocks fossilized leaves can be found, near perfect copies of the original.

Fossilized Logs at Curio Bay - Catlins, Southland, New Zealand

At the end of each day Yellow-eyed Penguins come ashore to nest overnight in the grassy banks along the shoreline.  Black oystercatchers wade in the rock pools near the pounding surf.