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Fan Ladies

Fan Ladies, Old Chongqing, China, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

And now for the last of the Chongqing series.  This was also almost the last photograph taken at the end of our Yangtze River adventure. It was a warm afternoon. It was the fans that caught my attention as these two ladies emerged from the shop doorway.  In order to capture moments like these in street photography you have to be constantly on the lookout, but patience and persistence pays off. And thus our second trip to China, the first was in 1987, came to an end.


Lunch Time

Lunch Time, Old Chongqing, China, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

This is the last of my series on street vendors in Old Chongqing. Here the lady is cooking in the street.  In the bowl there appears to be a type of tofu, while the wok contains what looks like sliced tofu in a broth.  It is clearly a popular dish, judging by the number of people seated at the tables in the background.  Whenever we ventured into the back streets in China we came across food outlets similar to that shown above.

Food Parcels – Eat In or Take Away

Food Parcels, Bamboo Leaf, Street Vendor, Old Chongqing, China, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

This is another image in my Old Chongqing street vendor collection.  Food is prepared in a similar way to this in many countries.  Here it was wrapped in bamboo leaves.  In Greece grape leaves are used, and in the Pacific islands it is banana leaves.  Food steamed on a bamboo basket placed in a wok is a common way of cooking food in China.

Sugar Dragons

Sugar Dragons, Old Chongqing, China, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

A walk through the narrow lanes of Old Chongqing on China’s National Day in 2008 was a fascinating experience.  We arrived in Chongqing at the end of our Yangtze River cruise early in the morning.  A personal tour guide met us at the boat and took us on a walking tour of the second largest city in China in the time we had available before our flight to Hong Kong left late in the afternoon. The last highlight of this tour was a visit to Old Chongqing, part of the old city that has been preserved as a tourist attraction and living museum.

The streets of the old town were packed with people making the most of the holiday weekend.  Street vendors were plentiful and offered a colourful array of food and other goods for sale.  This man was of particular interest because of the way he fashioned melted sugar toffee into dragon-like confections.  Curious onlookers stopped to watch him create his masterpieces.

Balloon Lady

Balloon Lady, Chongquing, China, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

What would a celebration be without balloons? We found this balloon vendor near the edge of the square below the Great Hall of the People in Chongqing on China’s National Day.  Later in the day we came across another person also selling balloons at the entry to Old Chongquing, where the people of the second largest city in China crowded in the narrow lanes to experience how their city used to look.  I doubt that it was as well presented in the old days as it is today where this small remaining part of the old city is now used as a tourist attraction.