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DID IDSAY THAT OUT LOUD, Seoul, South Korea, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

Every English speaking person who travels abroad comes across an occasion where a quaint usage of the language is sighted. I’m sure it is the same for speakers of other languages as well as foreigners mangle their native tongue.  When travelling in Asia the most common sightings of unusual English phrases is on clothing and signs.  I couldn’t help myself when I saw this young girl walking in a main street in Seoul.  I’m sure she knew what the words were intended to say, but was probably unaware of the spelling error!


Fan Ladies

Fan Ladies, Old Chongqing, China, Copyright Chris Gregory 2008

And now for the last of the Chongqing series.  This was also almost the last photograph taken at the end of our Yangtze River adventure. It was a warm afternoon. It was the fans that caught my attention as these two ladies emerged from the shop doorway.  In order to capture moments like these in street photography you have to be constantly on the lookout, but patience and persistence pays off. And thus our second trip to China, the first was in 1987, came to an end.

Street Photography

People watching is interesting.  You notice all kinds of things when you wait and watch.  During a recent visit to Queenstown I noticed this girl sitting nearby taking photographs of people who were walking along the boardwalk at the lake’s edge.  I thought that I would capture some images of my own to show some of the people who visit this famous New Zealand holiday spot. This made a change from taking the usual holiday views that I might otherwise have photographed.

Street Photographer

Passing the Time

"How do you like this one?"

Lady in Pink