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Big Surf

Surf at Porpoise Bay, Catlins, Southland, New Zealand, Copyright Chris Gregory 2012

Surf at Porpoise Bay

One of the features of any coastal area that is exposed to the prevailing weather is surf.  The Catlins Coast catches all of the weather systems that come from the south, and south here means the Antarctic and South Pole.  It was an overcast and windy day when we visited Porpoise Bay and nearby Curio Bay, and the wind had a decidedly polar feel to it.  The waves were large and unwelcoming, fascinating and alluring at the same time.


Shower of Spray

Its great watching kids play on a beach.  There is so much opportunity to explore, dig, splash, build, or just run around.

Shower of Spray - Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I watched my grandson for ten minutes while he investigated the waves rushing up onto the beach, and then receding again.  Sometimes he would just stand and let the waves wash around his legs. Next the game became waiting until the last minute then running ahead of a wave to beat it to the dry sand, or trying to jump over them as they came towards him. Sometimes he cupped his hands to capture some water, then let it escape through his fingers.  This image caught him as he experimented with creating an arc with a shower of water scooped up from in front as a receding wave passed from behind.  He was fully absorbed with the waves for the whole time.


There is a newish building at Broadbeach on Queensland’s Gold coast that I understand the locals call “the wave building”.  To me it looks more like a basket weave, but waves could also describe the architectural features of the building.  What do you think?

Waves - Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia